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Brand relaunch

In 2019, Tropico was acquired by Coca-Cola.
On this occasion, Orès worked with the Coca-Cola teams to redesign the brand,
its territory and on the production of a TV / Digital ecosystem
in order to spread the brand’s renewal to as many people as possible.

Case study

By revealing the true colors of this generation
through different principles:

• An energetic and positive vision for both graphic
and editorial content
• A real cast from our target audience
• A colorful universe constantly renewing itself
• Popular and urban codes

Film TV

Tropico, True colors.

A territory that must celebrate the strength of this new youth who is able to put colors in their life. A territory that weaves a link between the generations.

A territory reflected by the soul of the Tropics and conveyed to the everyday life, a contagious energy, the glorification of passions and desires, an incentive to be audacious, to break codes, to undertake and dare.

A territory that never runs out.


We then imagined and implemented a social media strategy, a strong axis of our ecosystem:
The 365 Tropico Stories. A strategy consisting in sharing aspirational, light,
innovative and deeply positive and optimistic contents,
always in coherence with the territory set up.
The goal? To meet Tropico fans and to seduce our target
with inspiring and engaging content to create a true community around the brand.

Social media

Snapchat lens



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