5 Years Anniversary


Who are we?

1. Brand & consitency

From your brand’s platform comes the boundaries of your brand’s expression. We believe that the winning brands are the ones that have developed a real consistency around these two founding elements.  We are brand specialists, our role is to support you in the construction of your platforms, help you define your territories of expression, and guarantee you consistency across all contents.  With many years of experience, with many brands, in rich and varied fields of expertise, we have had the opportunity to support many clients in the implementation of these founding basics.

2. Creativity serving efficiency

We offer you creativity, in every situation. We strongly believe that THIS is what will make us win together in the future. Nevertheless, we are fully aware that your ultimate goal is to grow your business, and to have a return on investment on the campaigns we will do together. We are not an agency focused on prices, we are more interested in efficiency prizes and awards.

3. Strategy + production + creation = 1

No more pointless ideas, no more ideas without budget knowledge, no more strategies without taking into account deadlines and feasibility. At Orès, we have integrated physical and digital production into the process of reflection and creation. Strategic planner / Copywiter / Art director / Digital project managers / Producer / Director / Developers and Editors all work together from the beginning. We do not sell unrealistic ideas that do not take into account your constraints.

4. From supplier to partner

We like to say that we are the extension of your communication services. We believe that we have to convince you, and that it should go both ways. We want to build lasting, transparent and exciting relationships. We don’t think our relationship can be fruitful while only limited on a Brand-Service Provider level, we want to be your Partner.

5. The image culture

We love art, we love image. Artistic Direction is a founding element of our brand. In every project, whatever its nature is, we always pay particular attention to esthetics. We want our projects to be beautiful and attractive, we want 100% of Orès employees to be proud of what we give back to you. Our creative teammates are always open to new things, which allows us to stay connected to trends and what’s cool. What we do for ourselves, we do for you. We are fortunate enough to have integrated two start-ups: Not So Far & Takuma. These two brands are a real experimental laboratory for us.

6. Being where you need us to be

In order to better support you, we are now present on three continents through four offices: Lille, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City and Montreal. The mixing of cultures is part of our brand’s DNA. We believe in the virtues of eclecticism, why not trusting our Chinese or Vietnamese creative people for your American briefs?