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TAO’s mission is simple : “We believe that tomorrow’s world power
is based on kids talent which emerges through the eyes of adults.
Since January 2017, we’ve imagined and produced
more than 70 films, taken around 300 000 photos, from Sri Lanka to South Africa,
Miami, San Francisco, Belgium and France.
Our creations take their inspiration from places and the talents of kids
we choose with the TAO teams.

Retrospective film


In a little over a year, our talent campaign have exceeded all expectations with astounding results :
Tobias : + 1 911 984 views ; Celya : + 1 483 263 views
Margot : + 1 931 706 views ; Cléo : +1 406 632 views
Mahdy : + 2 030 510 views ; Léo : + 1 444 759 views
Romane : + 1 569 805 views

Over 12 million cumulated views

Talent films

Summer 2017 : Tobias, surfer

We took TAO to Sri Lanka to shoot our first collaboration : Summer Collection 2017. This was also the first campaign with a talent : Tobias, a young surfer, participating for the first time in a photoshoot.

New Co 2019 : Sirine, skater

Welcome to Paradise. To celebrate the arrival of a new year, we brought our kids to the colourful Hotel Paradiso in Ibiza. For a collection full of edge and colors, with quite a 80’s feel. Also, meet Sirine, our talented inline skater from Paris.

Summer 2018 : Romane, footballer

A big football summer… We couldn’t not invite Romane, a young LOSC player, to show us how it’s done. On the beach, it’s always cooler for summer.

New Co 2018 : Mahdy, dancer

New co, new continent for Tape à l’Oeil !
We gathered the gang in Miami, Florida, and brought with us Mahdy. This crazy talented young dancer took the plane for the first time to share his moves with the young crew in the USA.

Winter 2017 : Margot, climber

Tape à l’Oeil took us to the wintery mountains of South Africa for this new Winter collection. Through it, we met Margot, our new explorer talent.

Summer 2019 : Morgann, life’s talent

In 2019, we chose to invade a South African desert and have our kids go crazy there. They were all so kind and welcoming to Morgann, our Summer talent. He showed us life’s best lesson : you can be born with a disability (Morgann was born with Down syndrom), but still show off your energy and do the same as anyone else.


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