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Quézac made an impact in the 90s with its legend and the famous ‘Qué s’appelerio Quézac’.
In 2019, the brand, bought by the OGEU family group,
wanted to evolve to change its image and territory.
We accompanied Quézac on the expression of a new signature: Bulles de vie.
Bubbles of life is the apology of all life’s little moments, which make life wonderful.
It is also the affirmation of the brand’s identity markers: blue, the medium bubble,
a bottle so distinctive. In 2020, the territory is born and expressed
itself with a film and powerful prints designed as a metaphor between the
little moments of life and the journey of a bubble. The campaign was launched
in cinemas, on social media and with a national poster plan.

Case study



National print plan highlighting the diptych concept.

Social media

The objective: To bring bubbles of relaxation into the life of the French, with mantras, moments of break…


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