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Since employees and customers are the main actors,
Quechua asked us to make the brand 100% transparent with its community. 
We accepted this challenge by unveiling the creative process, 
the confidence of its employees and the coverage of unique events! 
An honest and emotional speech to make us adhere to the brand’s values.

Second life


The environment is one of the major concerns of our society, and environmental responsibility is increasingly part of corporate policy. This is how Decathlon and Quechua become eco-responsible by offering a second life to 39 million plastic bottles each year thanks to the Forclaz 50 fleece.

It is through a film told by Emmanuelle, product manager at Quechua, that we put forward this eco-design. This eco-designed product that goes through many hands, that results from the work of many individuals, but from which everything starts with the product manager.

Human story


To highlight the human nature of the brand, and to give the clients a global brand insight from products’ conception to their launch, we went behind the scene of the conception and production of Quechua products. We discovered the different jobs and the people who are working everyday on Quechua projects. We met passionate people, from the CEO to the product managers, designers, prototypists and marketing directors.

It is a movie that highlights in a honest and transparent way the human values of the brand.



We designed 3 crossed portraits of Quechua’s co-workers, in order to humanize and highlight its passionate creators.

Over a day, discover crossed portraits of Quechua’s co-workers, whose jobs and passions are intimately connected. This comparison between ones and others’ lives accentuate the “hiking” savoir-faire and skill of the brand, humanizing the interdependent creators’ jobs. These movies have two goals: make teams proud of themselves, and make young talents want to work for Quechua!

Base camp


We worked on the inauguration day for the opening of Quechua’s new international design center. The center gathers their 3 mountain brands (Quechua, Wedze & Simond) under one roof.

We organized the activities for the opening: a museum retracing the history of the 3 brands, a large screen projection and a map displaying the entire facility.

We worked on the scenography of the event, and designed the communication supports’ identity.

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