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After defining the territory and the mission for the new toys brand PicWicToys,
we imagined a digital campaign but also adapted for cinemas and stores
in order to present its new identity to a wide audience.


Devided into 3 films, it highlights the imaginary world of children and take us into three original universes, with a Sheriff, a Doctor, a Bear and a Knight we can meet again through activations on the brand’s social media or website.


The Sheriff
The Doctor
The Knight

Social media

Also adapted for the brand’s social media through a teasing phase before activation once the film is released, the campaign allows a deep dive into each universe and is an invitation to games with fill-in the blanks texts, fun facts, staging situations or diverted packshots.



Also adapted on the brand’s online shop website, a landing page is dedicated to every universe of the films, showcasing a whole range of related products.


6,053,572 views in total for the 3 films
1,952,584 views on Facebook
3,051,455 on Twitter
818516 on YouTube
231017 on Instagram

Coverage of 6,837,476 people in social media with 89,721 clicks and 11,632 reactions.

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