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We have helped Onatera through the first stage of brand development, but most importantly,
we were there with them when they first announced their ROI and gains in efficiency.
Previously named, Ma boutique au naturel, Onatera has 30 years of experience in naturopathy,
demanding quality and transparent products on offer and a sincere commitment to their work.
To do this, we have created a TV and digital campaign

We have chosen to position this campaign so that it goes beyond just having faith in the product and becomes educative. “To make people understand rather than make them believe”, i.e. not embellish reality but to inform instead. The idea is to show the brand in the simplest possible environment, the most true to life. Knowledge and understanding is something that must be gained through simplicity, and also through fun product demonstrations.

TV spot

We came up with a series of four films around four themes (Stress, Immunity, Vitality, Sleep). We started out with the view that today, when it comes to health and well-being, we no longer know who to believe. In these films we follow people glued to their phones and trying to find solutions to their problems (stress, flu, tiredness, sleep problems). They come across surprising but unrealistic and unavailable solutions on a daily basis, such as doing yoga on a paddle board, Norwegian baths, etc. And following on from the idea of making people understand rather than just believe, the Onatera brand (represented by a voice-over and over-printing) offers real solutions. These films have also been adapted and uploaded to social networks.

Social media

We created a digital campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and for displays.The films we have spoken about above were broadcast in order to get maximum visibility longside the TV campaign to increase public awareness of Onatera’s food supplements. Our teams also worked on the design of specific brand activations and messages adapted to media and audiences. The aim? To engage audiences in an educational way and to redirect them to the site. Informative posts on the products and the active ingredients used, stories,  ‘Did you know?’, etc. We have worked with Facebook and Instagram tools (Collection Ads, Shopping, Instant Collection…) with the aim of gaining more conversion.

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