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Brand reboot

Few years after launching the stand-up paddle company “Lokahi”, Orès was asked to fully revamp the brand. 

From strategy to the logotype; From website to the brand movie and photo collections; We rebooted every asset and touch point.

Brand identity

After defining the brand DNA of Lokahi, its uniqueness and specificities, we started from the ground: The logotype.

We imagined the new logotype as a symbol of harmony. An important value for the brand and for stand-up paddle.

Designed thanks to the Fibonacci golden number, the logotype aims to convey the harmony banding energy: Water, air, balance and wellness all together.

Strong & bold, the font tends to stabilize the floating isotype.

Graphic guidelines

To help the client manage its multiple channels, we designed clear graphic guidelines associated to the new logotype and its various adaptations:

-Logotype presentation and analysis
-Usage Guidelines
-Colours and Fonts
-Social Networks




Based on the brand guidelines we established, we developed the worldwide Lokahi website.

Designed to be both informative and for e-commerce, it gives the possibility to discover the riders, the different boards ranges, and to shop online.

Pictures guidelines

We also established guidelines for all the pictures and created all the contents for this relaunch.

From brand pictures to brand video, brand contents and photo collections.

The idea was to create a consistent brand, but also to provide the tools to the client to follow the line for the next shootings.

Brand movie

Conception and production of a brand-movie featuring the different Lokahi riders and sharing the brand values through a strong voice over

Brand Content / Human story 

Conception and production of brand content showing that Lokahi, before being a passionate stand-up-paddle brand, is above all a human story.


Brand Content /Conception


Photo shooting of brand pictures in Noumea lagoons, with the new boards from Lokahi.

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