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Maisons de Mode is a one of a kind concept in France, envisioned for fashion and lifestyle brands-designers.
Its objective is to uncover and support creative talents in order to help them to grow.
For 13 years, this label has supported more than a hundred brands.
Maisons de Mode is located in the Hauts-de-France region, an area conducive to develop young brands.

New brand territory

We started the collaboration with the definition of a new communication territory, translated by one claim: La Création pour toujours (Creation, forever). That claim will be the new Maisons de Mode identity, and will guide each communication.

Campaigns: The Creation

To support the new territory, we accompanied Maisons de Mode on a new communication charter, that will define typographies, iconography and new communication templates to support every brand speech, from the newsletter to the prints and the digitals tools. We lifted the iconography to get 2 new photography brand campaigns to highlight our claim, through different typographic mantras.




48 H maisons de mode

Then, we wrote every new prints all along the year, mainly to support local and national fashion events: 48H Maisons de Mode, Nomad Market, Marché des Modes. For each of them, Orès shoot and decline the 360° communication: Prints, social media kit, film reports, press communication.

Fashion market

Creators campaign

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