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PicWicToys, born from the merger of Picwic and Toys’R’us,
has become one of the biggest toy players in France.
As a new brand, PicWicToys had to win its place in the hearts of consumers
and find a strong communication territory combining the best of both brands.

Brand territory

PicWicToys is above all the mark of fulfillment through play, a link generator and generational sharing offering a wide choice of products coupled with advice and entertainment. So our goal here was to show that PicWicToys offers infinite imagination, a place for play that re-enchants the concept of the toy store as the starting point for the game. More than a toy store, PicWicToys had to become a store TO play.


A concept translated by a strong signature: PicWicToys, Place au jeu and a mission : to make people play, everywhere, all the time.

Social media

Une invitation au jeu que l’on retrouve également sur les réseaux sociaux de la marque : quiz, textes à trous, infos curieuses, tutos, mises en scène… Un véritable échappatoire du quotidien directement accessible sur Instagram, Facebook et Twitter. Le tout dynamisé par les thématiques phares mensuelles et temps forts.

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