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We showed in a film there are as many gardens as there are ways to enjoy them.
This film illustrates different ways of enjoying and appropriating the brand’s products.
Hence the signature: “Your garden, your Hesperide”.
A concept that has also been used on the web (social networks) and on the radio.

TV commercials


. + 2% in spontaneous TOM awareness, i.e. 8%
. + 2% in spontaneous awareness, i.e. 9%
. + 12% in assisted awareness, i.e. 37%
. Hespéride gains 2 places in spontaneous notoriety TOM
and is positioned in 3rd place.


TV sponsorship with a goal of qualified awareness TVC Billboards.

Digital content

Digital content as a target to bring traffic to the e-commerce site. Channels aimed at social media.


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