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Enjoy hassle-free hikes with Decathlon Outdoor. Film Visuals

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Enjoy hassle-free hikes with Decathlon Outdoor.

There’s nothing more invigorating than going on an impromptu walk, but nothing more disappointing than getting lost or taking a boring route. So, Decathlon Outdoor has decided to revolutionise our outdoor jaunts by simplifying them, without removing all the fun of being spontaneous. Because actually, it’s when we allow ourselves to be guided that we’re usually the most surprised and amazed by what we find.  


Through this film, we discover various protagonists motivated by the idea of walking in town or countryside. But with blocked roads, bad directions, and problems getting their bearings, it’s not long before they all come unstuck…

Luckily for them, there’s a solution! Offering directions and navigation without an internet connection, the Decathlon Outdoor app gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy thousands of different outings on foot or by bike, of all durations and at all levels, just a few steps away from home.


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