Christmas Campaign

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For the Christmas campaign, PWT turns the Christmas catalog into a great interactive and creative adventure.
The children are the heroes of this quest and go in search of Santa Claus through clues hidden in the catalog.
The brand gave us the launch film for the game and the announcement of its winner.
The challenge is to encourage children to take part in the game
and to bring them to the store (Call to action).

To bring the game to life and arouse the curiosity of the child spectator, we have made a teasing film. It aims to give emotion and make children vibrate, involve them in this adventure. This movie is the start of the great PWT Christmas game. It takes the iconic characters of the campaign, The princess, the cowboy and the viking but also other characters from the world of the game. The film, through the personified toys, evokes the thriller of the Great Christmas game but also the reward of the winner ready to take up the challenge. We also understand the course of this game and its different stages → 1 catalog, 2 social networks, 3 store. This teaser activates the brand’s physical and digital channels.

To announce the big winner of the big Christmas game, we made a reveal film. The reveal announces to children that they have won and invites them to come to the store to complete the quest. This plan makes it possible to increase the traffic in stores, to involve the children in this end of the treasure hunt. (CTA).





  • More than 40,000 entries into the competition.
  • 1.4 million views on the YouTube launch video and an excellent view count of 98.6% on the short version.
  • 23 million people reached with VOL advertising (17 million with 100% viewership).
  • 6,400 personal videos submitted along with a photo and the child’s first name.
  • Thousands of positive messages on social media.
  • 4 winners who have each received a €1000 cheque to spend in shops at La Défense, Vitrolles, Chambéry and Lyon Bron. Thank you to the four shops for the wonderful welcome they have given to our winners!
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