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Event’s leader meeting

Each year we support Decathlon in organizing events around the world: in Istanbul, Porto, Wuhan, Singapore, San Francisco, Paris, Lille, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Welcome desk
Meeting room setup
Sport activities



In order to facilitate communication between the leaders of
each country, we have implemented an application.
The purpose of this app is to showcase details of events hosted by Decathlon.
People can login and update their profiles
which will be displayed to other participants. Participants
will be able to ask questions about the event in the discussion forum.

Liberation day event

For the group annual meeting with all international executive teams, we organized a special 2-day event.

We organized the annual international meeting for the group. The idea was to convey a message about company liberation. We conveyed this topic in all activities and speakers.

Innovation awards

Created in 2005, the Innovation Awards by Decathlon take place every year in Lille.
In parallel of the event’s organization, we created their website, and administered it during the event.
In addition to displaying content for every brand and product,
the website also had served other important purposes such as displaying live event
and allowing internet users to vote online.


The Innovation Awards recognize the most innovative product of the year.
In 2005, when they were created, the Innovation Awards by Decathlon were just 50 people in a meeting room…
During the last edition in 2016, it gathered :

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