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Yuesai asked us to promote their new blusher range. We created 3 different videos, all related to a specific shade and storyline.
Each video has a spirit of its own and pays tribute to an ancient Chinese heroine.

Cordyceps Quintessence Serum

For the launch of the Rejuvenate Cordyceps Quintessence Serum we showcased the origin of the Cordyceps (Qinghai Mountains in China) and the unique extraction technology by creating and producing a video showing the beauty of a woman.
The viewer witnesses the model literally reversing time and her first-aging signs thanks to the youth rejuvenating ingredients power.


Following the relaunch of the brand, we extended the creation from the brand movie to the product content.
To highlight Yuesai double nets cushion and its benefits, we created and produced a video that follows a woman getting ‘into’ the product. A video inspired by the Chinese architecture and the design of the double nets cushion.

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