Cafés Méo

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Cafés Méo is an artisanal coffee roaster since 1928.
They rely on their family expertise, while demonstrating their industrial power.
The brand has realized that the coffee’s taste is so mysterious and complex :
it is a popular playground that many people are trying to understand.
In other words, an amazing human, family and business story.

Cafés Méo collaborated with Ores Group to create their last campaign, inviting itself on TV. One simple concept : a drop of coffee. Our desire was to share the story of coffee production from the inside, showing the adventure to our audience up to the final result, a cup of coffee, by emphasizing the human expertise of Cafés Méo.

TV spot

We produced a brand movie in several formats : 20, 30 and 45 seconds, broadcasted on live television, but also for web and social media.

Press Campaign

We set up a press campaign in the north of France, home department of Méo.

Social Media

We extended this campaign to social media, through stories, posts and Spotify playlists.


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