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Since employees and customers are the main actors,
Quechua asked us to make the brand 100% transparent with its community
We have taken up this challenge by unveiling the creative process, 
the confidence of its employees and the coverage of unique events! 
An honest and emotional speech to make us adhere to the brand’s values.

Brand Platform animated film


We found the best and easiest way to explain the new Quechua Hiking brand platform to everyone.

With the conception and edition of an animated movie we will go through the different features of the brand

Your mountain

This film, first aimed at employees and then at the entire Quechua community, reveals Quechua’s slogan “Your mountain” through these beautiful images of mountains. 

These images, produced by our teams, show a unique, inspiring, exceptional mountain… just like its hikers. 


Sport movies


Hiking for every taste, for everyone. Quechua wanted to celebrate hiking, in all its wonderful forms.

We produced a sports movie with original and past footage to highlight the happiness brought by this practice.

Snow hiking, mountain hiking, fast hiking


Quechua adapts its products to practice areas.
This is why we have made 4 videos to explain to employees the different terrains and styles of practice.

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