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Overall campaign

Ores accompanied Acqua Di Parma for the opening of their TMall. To enhance the offline experience of the brand, we developed, created and produced a whole customer journey centered on the famous actor Deng Lun.

Content creations

To remind the customers the opening and to drag them on the TMall, we developed a 4-week campaign.

We then created many contents to showcase Deng Lung’s multiple personalities highlighting the different perfumes:

– 1 main brand movie
-3 short formats videos (Blue Med, Osmanthus, Teaser)
-2 ID Cuts
-1 BTS / Interview video
-5 KV pictures + 1 GIF

Who is he?

We started the campaign with a teaser video generating interactions with followers. 

Indeed, to make people react on WeChat, we hid the face of the actor and encouraged them to guess who is the new brand ambassador behind the upcoming campaign. 

And then tickle their curiosity so they follow the next posts.


Brand movie

We finally revealed the ambassador in a brand video. Sharing the philosophy of the brand and proving how this lifestyle is deeply related with Deng Lung state of mind.

To strengthen this parallel, we set a LED screen that reflected the acting talent of Deng, and became an open door to Italy. Immersing the viewers into the Italian style universe of Acqua di Parma. A universe they can discover in the TMall.


In the following weeks, we adapted the Brand Video for different fragrance such as Osmanthus.
The movie will then reveal a specific facet of Deng Lun personality, but still consistent thanks to the true Italian spirit, the sunshine and the modern style of Italy.

Blue mediterraneo

The viewers will then start a new journey and a new facet of Deng Lun through the origin of Blue Med.

As Osmanthus, this video was adapted in different formats to be displayed in shopping malls and social platforms.

ID cuts

Beside the movies, we established a proximity between Deng Lun and the targets by creating several short ID cuts where Deng Lun is directly inviting his followers to discover Acqua di Parma promotions on the TMall.

Products KV

BTS interview

Finally, we edited a behind the scene video with Deng Lun’s voice over to testify about the feeling of using ADP fragrance in an inspiring and emotional way.

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