Human Story

In order to help develop an emotional tie to the brand, we decided to be 100% transparent with the Quechua Community thanks to a movie called 'Human story'.


To highlight the humane nature of the brand, and to give the clients a global brand insight from products’ conception to their launch, we went behind the scene of the conception and production of Quechua products.

We discovered the different jobs and the people who are working everyday on Quechua projects. We met passionate people, from the CEO to the product managers, designers, prototypists and marketing directors.

It is a movie highlighting in a honest and transparent way the humane values of the brand.


  • Quechua // Human Story

    We conceived and produced a 6-minute movie. To shoot the film, we spent 5 days with Quechua teams following them in their working everyday life. Our objective was to allow the audience to understand their job, and to transmit this information in the best communicative way .