We had worked hand in hand with conception’s team of Quechua to find the best way to promote their revolutionary technology : Fresh&Black.


Because of its innovative fabric which reflect and absorb sunbeam, the new Fresh&Black tent bury ourself in freshness and darkness : until 99,9% of darkness and until less 17 degrees inside compared to others tents. It’s through a 360 campaign that we plunge users into darkness and freshness thanks to black flats tints.


  • Fresh&Black TV Spot

    We were in charge of the TV spot to promote this innovative technology.
    In this spot, we chose to retrace the steps of the conception of this technology. To put forward the benefits of the Fresh&Black tent we shot the movie
    in South Africa.


The user lands on a page almost entirely black, only a zip representing the opening of the tent is visible. As with movies we’re hearing noises of awaken nature, then, a sentence encourages us to discover what happens outside…

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90% of the poster is black and only 10% of the space is dedicated to the product, to highlight the characteristics of the Fresh & Black technology.