Agility 500

The new agility 500 by Kipsta claims to be more confortable thanks to it new sole technology. It allows young players to improve their skills. Given this, we worked on a TVC featuring our young heroes with this new shoe that will understand that they can not solely rest on its characteristics.


  • AGILITY - Herbe

    Conception and realisation of a movie around Lille. We featured young and talented players that seems to rock thanks to their Agility 500.
    Even if the shoes help, in each film the players learn that they can not only rest on their equipments.

  • Making-off


“Kipsta Agility 500, elle en fait beaucoup, à vous de faire le reste”*


Kipsta Agility 500, it helps a lot, the rest is up to you.


Conception 2 key visuals used for the outdoor and in-store campaign.